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lubrizol advanced material, inc

1420 Lakeshore Circle, Gainesville, GA 30501
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mcwane plumbing technical services

7825 San Leandro St., Oakland, CA 94621
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President's Report

 Julie Hadfield

Dear Friends,


First, I would like to thank everyone for the continued support of ASPE and appreciate everyone who as reached out to me individually. These are strange times to say the least; it is important to still have our community. The board is working over the summer to help keep that community and bonds strong even if we aren’t seeing each other regularly.

Second, I would like to thank Ovi Muresan for his time and everything he has done over the last four years leading the chapter. Ovi will be moving into the Chapter Chairman of the Board of Directors position overseeing the board. I would also like to thank Joe Messina for all that he has done for the chapter. Joe has served in the advisory position on the board over the past four years, as well as, stepping up into any positions that was needed of him. As of last year, this included managing the chapter finances. Joe will be taking a well-deserved break from any board positions for the time being.

We are still working through the schedule for this upcoming year and what that will look like in terms of meetings. With the situation as it right now, it looks like we will be having another online meeting in September. This will allow those who need CEUs to still earn them. I am monitoring the CDC guidelines and will use them into inform future meetings. I am excited to see all of you in person when it is safe to do so!

One of the major focuses of the board currently is the Convention coming up in New Orleans this September. We are making plans for the delegates that will represent the chapter. Currently, the Convention is moving forward as it would in person. I am expecting more information from Society in the next couple weeks to see if that will happen. If you are planning on attending the Convention, please let me know so I include you in our chapter meetup.

I hope everyone is having a great summer and wear your mask!

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Monthly Meeting Info

Next Meeting September 2020

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Thank you for your support

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VP Technical Report

 Dennis M Connelly

July 2020

Greetings to Friends, Families, and Associates of ASPE Atlanta!

Welcome to July; 5th month of the Great Covid Pandemic-2020. This disease has been devastating to global health and economies. I truly hope that those who follow ASPE and Atlanta Chapter are staying safe and healthy and wish the best to you as we continue to protect ourselves and our families while trying to maintain a living.

Aside from a somewhat subdued Independence Day, July brings us a new start to the ASPE activities year. Your board is already at work preparing for the coming year, and that includes me. As VP Tech, I am searching for topics for this coming year’s programming. This pandemic has caused so many changes, but one good thing is that many manufacturers and organizations have been forced to create digital content to continue to get their messages out to their customers. We are in that same boat! Of course, we can go to our Associates for presentation support, as well as our Society Archives, but I am interested in something different. YOUR STORY!

With nearly 180 members in our chapter and 40% of them registered or certified, there is enough design horsepower out there to have some interesting projects that could be good for roundtable discussion. It could be “the biggest ____ ever designed” or “what NOT to do when ____”. These are opportunities to showcase ingenuity or instruct younger designers of pitfalls or challenges to be aware of. Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts on this and let’s develop something we can present to our chapter. It can give you some notoriety in our chapter, and it will help us all to learn from experience and grow for the future. Please consider this opportunity to share from your history.

Meanwhile, the world still turns! For those who are not yet certified and are early in their career, the CPDT - Certified Plumbing Design Technician exam is coming up October 5 – 18, 2020 and registration is now open. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are just beginning in design to start on their path to full certification. Visit aspe.org for registration and full details.

Here is another useful tool for you: ASPE Pipeline, a monthly email information sheet highlighting happenings and events in and around our industry. In this month’s issue, we learn about new guidelines for installing plastic piping https://www.aspe.org/pipeline/plastic-pipe-plumbing-installation-near-recessed-lighting-guide-is-available/?_zs=OEwia&_zl=BM3B2 , or how FGI is seeking public comment on their draft changes for 2022 edition https://www.aspe.org/pipeline/fgi-invites-the-public-to-comment-on-draft-2022-guidelines/?_zs=OEwia&_zl=DM3B2 . There is a lot of good information in this document, so be sure to check this out.

That’s about all the news I have today. I hope to hear from you about my proposal or even if you just want to say HI. You can always reach me at [email protected] to talk about ASPE, plumbing, or whatever is on your mind. Drop me a note!

Happy Summer!

Dennis M. Connelly CPD


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Dinner Meeting Schedule

We will be taking a break over the summer. We will see you in September. Hopefully in person!

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Thank you for your support

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VP Legislative Report


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July/August ASPE Anniversaries of note:

1 Year

Che  Barbour

Michael Leland Harding

15 Year

Taylor  Walker Jr., P.E.

35 Year

Gregory W. Odom CPD

45 Year

Richard D. Taylor

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Thank you for your support

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VP Membership Report

Rodger Nodine

Hello Everyone,

July has come and will gone before we know it. Next month kids will be returning to school. Of course, returning to school for many will be virtual only or a hybrid model with social distancing etc. taking place.

As of right now the ASPE National Convention is still scheduled to be held in New Orleans in September. What this is going to look like is still somewhat in the air. Once we get the specifics it will be relayed to everyone. While we are wanting to hold a face to face dinner meeting in September, I imagine this will end up changing to an online webinar.

Current membership details are:

Current Chapter Membership (as of July 1, 2020): 178 Members

# of AYP (ASPE Young Professional): 29 (16% of total)

#of WOA (Women of ASPE): 5 (2.79% of total)

Thank You and be safe,

Rodger Nodine

VP Membership

[email protected]

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Happy Birthday to Members with July Birthdays:

Edward William Locke CSI, CIAQP, M.SAME 7-1

Atiler  Gursoy P.E., LEED AP         7-4

Matthew W. Grace                          7-6

Wilson H. Dent P.E.                        7-13

David H. Perry                                7-18

Peter Ludwig Ruf G.E.                    7-21

Rodger E. Nodine                           7-23

Alan M. Squires                              7-27

James A. Andrews Jr.                     7-28

Lynne A Fry                                     7-31


Happy Birthday to Members with August Birthdays:

John J. Bertrand                 8/4

Caroline C. Calloway          8/4

Diedrich  Smay                   8/5

Kenneth B. Clary                8/6

Paul C. Winstead               8/6

Kim R Akins                       8/8

Rodney Keith Pugh           8/8        

Justin  Kay                         8/9

Rudolph A. D'Alonzo P.E.  8/10    

Cary  Darden                     8/10

John W Campbell              8/12

Michael  Moulton CPD       8/13

Benjamin  Byerson III, CPD, CET  8/14

Joshua Thomas Wagner    8/14

Gregory Mark Turner          8/18

Phil A. Buechler                  8/19

Harry J. Schnirring P.E., CPD-Retired 8/19

Thomas A. Beal P.E.           8/23

Samuel Kenneth Bolt          8/23

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Thank you for your support

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Affiliate Liaison's Report

rodger nodine

Hello All,

I hope you are bearing this heat and humidity ok (not to mention the virus floating around). The original plan has been to have a dinner meeting in September but based on current environment I suspect that it will be another webinar. The National Convention is still scheduled for September 11-16 in New Orleans. Society is paying close attention to the current situation and should finalize a decision about what the convention will look like in a week or two.

With the focus on distance learning I see a lot of good webinars that are being presented by various groups and wanted to let the affiliates know that if they send me the info on any that they have  upcoming I will see about including them in the newsletter or posting them to one of the ASPE Atlanta social media accounts.

I would like to thank our various sponsors/advertisers. Your support helps the chapter with its various activities and will allow us to pursue our membership goals. That being said if you are interested in advertising or sponsoring an event let me know and I can get you the details.

Upcoming Dates (as of 7/28):

Early Bird Discount National Convention            Before August 12   

ASPE National Convention                                          Sept. 11-16

Dinner Meeting/Webinar                                               September 22 (depending on circumstances)

Scholarship Deadline                                                    September 30

Golf Tournament                                                            Late October

ASPE Atlanta Product Show                                          Spring 2021


Rodger Nodine

[email protected]

Follow ASPE on Social Media

Join the Atlanta ASPE Linked-In group @ https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4705657/

ASPE Twitter feed https://twitter.com/ASPEorg

Atlanta ASPE Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/ASPE.Atlanta

Instagram www.Instagram.com/aspe.org

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Thank you for your support

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Affiliates' Corner

Have a new product you think the industry would love to hear about? How about an upcoming event and you want to reach more than just your normal associates? Do you see an industry trend you want to highlight or discuss? If so, look at renting this space. Shoot Rodger at [email protected] an email to get more details.

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