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President's Report

 Julie Hadfield

Hello All,

Before getting into chapter business, I want to let everyone know that one of our chapter members has won a Society-level award. Joe Messina won the Donald F Dickerson Founder’s Award this year for his lifetime achievements, dedication, and the promotion of the Society, its mission, and the profession. Be sure to congratulate Joe!

Our September meeting will be on October 27th via Zoom. You should have already received an invite with the link to register for the meeting. The meeting is hosted by ASPE Education (on You must register through them to attend the meeting. Click on the link in the invite, register for the Atlanta Chapter Meeting, and log in to your account to complete the process. You will get a confirmation email and an email closer to the meeting with a link to the presentation. You can also access the presentation by going directly to the Education section of The website closes registration before the event, so be sure to register at least a day beforehand. Once it is closed, we don’t have the ability to add you in. We have gotten a couple questions about the registration process. We will be sending out a more complete step-by-step guide to help. In the meantime, if you have any questions or problems, reach out to a member of the board.

The deadline for the scholarship is coming up at the end of the month. If you know anyone who is planning on applying, make sure they get their application in!

I want to point out two member benefits that you may not be on your radar. ASPE education has many opportunities to get CEUs and continue to learn new skills while being socially distant. First, there are many on demand webinars to choose whatever strikes your fancy. The second is the Read, Learn, Earn program. CEUs are awarded after reading an article and completing the quiz.

ASPE also offered the Book of the Month benefit for members. Each month there is a discount on a different book from the ASPE bookstore. For October, it is 50% off of Plumbing Engineering & Design Handbook of Tables. I personally use this book frequently and find it a valuable resource.

Lastly, the 2020 ASPE Digital Experience will be held on December 1-3. This is an opportunity for interactive education, dynamic exhibitor showcase, and unique connection opportunities due to the Convention being cancelled this year. The education sessions are free to all ASPE members.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Monthly Meeting Info

Monthly Meeting Info:

Tuesday October 27 @ 7:00 P.M 

Register at least (2) hours before the start time by following this link:

Presenter: Mike Stach National Sales Manager – Building Division
[email protected]
Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems, as well as corrosion-protection systems, for the marine, offshore, and building industries.
Introduction to Vacuum Plumbing

Course Outline
This course provides an introduction to vacuum waste water collection and plumbing systems for various building types.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
Understand basic plumbing terminology and system operation.

Learning Objective 1. Gain a basic understanding of a vacuum plumbing system.
Learning Objective 2. Know the three basic components of the system.
Learning Objective 3: Know the three interface components.
Learning Objective 4: Know the benefits vs. gravity.
Learning Objective 5: Know and understand the hygiene benefits and how vacuum toilets can virtually eliminate misting and the bacteria associated with gravity toilet flushing.
Learning Objective 6: Be able to discuss some of the advantages for specific building types.

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Presenter Info

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VP Technical Report

 Dennis M Connelly

October 2020

Greetings to Friends, Families and Associates of ASPE Atlanta!

Now we find ourselves in October; our calendar is getting shorter along with the daylight! The leaves are turning and there is a nip of Autumn in the air. This is usually a great time of year. Football and tailgating and bonfires are typical for this season, but our virus pandemic has stopped or greatly changed these fun times. Our hopes lay in the science and discipline of their research to create a vaccine to fight this dread, and treatment regimens to increase survivability. Our needs are to be resilient; to follow the guidelines for masks, hand hygiene and social distancing to reduce the spread. Our wish is that all can stay safe and healthy and avoid contracting this illness until our science can deliver. Best wishes to us all!

Much of our industry continues to move forward with building and renovating buildings and facilities. I can say for my part that we are very busy in design and with many projects in construction, there is also plenty of contract administration occupying my time. It’s good to be busy, even if its from the safety of my basement world plumbing headquarters. I am blessed to be able to continue to work productively from this safe environment, but I am pained for the millions of our fellow Americans who do not have that same blessing; who have lost jobs and homes and lives because of this blight. Please keep your prayers focused on how we can pull together to defeat this terrible scourge, and how you may help those who have been the worst affected.

I hope you have been paying attention to all the digital mail coming from ASPE Society. The ASPE Pipeline newsletter gives us great updates about business and studies from around our industry. It is a great resource, so please take time to read it. We also have many virtual learning opportunities that ASPE and our major affiliates have created that not only give you updated information relative to our current virus situation, but also the many new and improved products and services available. The Book of the Month is another outstanding benefit. This year we also have the new 2020 ASPE Digital Experience, held December 1-3. Something you surely won’t want to miss.

Locally, our chapter continues to meet as a Board to plan and execute for our members. This month we have an interesting presentation that has great potential for applications in the very situation we find ourselves in today. Our October technical presentation will be virtual again (of course) and will be at our usual time (7:00 EDT) on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. Our program will be an Introduction to Vacuum Plumbing systems, which will give us a basic understanding of these types systems. This will be very interesting to me because it differs so much from the gravity drainage systems we work with every day. Our presenter will be Mr. Michael Stach, National Sales Manager-Building Division with Evac Corporation. Evac is an international leading provider of integrated water and waste management systems. Mike is a seasoned veteran of construction industry with background in everything from carpentry to semiconductors. With his 30 years of experience, we will surely benefit from that history and knowledge. Please make plans to attend and look for the link in our Atlanta Newsletter to register and attend.

In closing, I want to remind us all that we are just weeks away from an important election where we will choose the next President, leader of the free world. Not only that, but also senators and representatives, local sheriffs, judges, administrators and tax and policy initiatives. It is your duty as citizens to vote for the people who will represent you. Regardless of your political persuasion (or not) it is an important function of OUR republic. i have already voted, and there is early voting, mail-in voting, drop-box voting and of course in-person on November 3. MAKE YOUR PLAN TO VOTE AND FOLLOW THROUGH! Thanks.

That’s about all the news I have today. You can always reach me at [email protected] to talk about ASPE, plumbing, or whatever is on your mind. Drop me a note!

Happy Autumn! BOO!

Dennis M. Connelly CPD

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Dinner Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, October 27th @ 7:00 Online Technical Session via ASPE Education

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VP Legislative Report


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Happy Birthday to Members with November Birthdays:

Tim Jay Rice  11-01
Christian Steven Jones  11-02
Kevin Thomas Stockdale CPDT 11-04
Richard  Houle  11-05
Bill  Rittenger  11-06
Charles W. Tanner CPD 11-06
Richard C. Dutro CPD 11-08
David  Nimitz  11-13
Jeffrey Alton Drinkard P.E. 11-14
Zach R Hudgins  11-15
David A. Colaiacovo CPD, GPD 11-16
William Lawson Cook  11-16
Connie S. Stanfield  11-21
Josh Randall Lowe  11-23
Joe C. Green III, P.E. 11-24
Frank N. Vastakis CPD 11-26
Chris W Henson  11-29
Bradley Hugh Dorsey Jr. 11-30
Peter Gerard Regan  11-30

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VP Education Report

 Reza Bahador

Happy October everyone! The CPDT exam is off and running. As I write this article there are two days left of testing. For those of you yet to test, you are wished the best of luck! For all of you that have taken it so far, I hope that you are confident in your performance.

Scholarship news: There are 2 weeks left to apply! I would love to see more applications. Please let the young, aspiring engineers in your lives know there is money for the taking. Visit our Education page and download the application today!

For those of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge of a particular subject or just need to brush up on some skills, take a moment and visit the Society’s Education Opportunities page.

And don’t forget to Read, Learn and Earn those CEU’s at ASPE Education.

If you haven’t already, check out the ASPE Tables App available at the ASPE Bookstore.

We are constantly doing our best to make sure that our members have easy access to all the tools available to them. Please let us know of any suggestions that you may have to make your experience better and keep an eye out as we revise and update information on our ASPE Atlanta Chapter’s site.

Enjoy the fall weather and have a happy and safe Halloween.

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Thank you for your support

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Affiliate Liason Report

rodger nodine

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone has been having a good October. With this weather we have been having it was a shame we had to kick the golf tournament back to the spring, but hopefully by then this virus will be taken care of. We are also doing another online technical session this month and will continue to do so until at least the first of the year. Please note that this session will be free to everyone, but as of November 1st society will begin charging nonmembers $25 for the sessions streamed through the ASPE Education portal. The majority of this will make its way back to the local chapters hosting the event. If you are a member of ASPE the sessions will continue to be free.

I hope to have a list of the upcoming technical sessions compiled and the calendar on the website updated before the next newsletter.

 I would also like to extend a big thank you to Richard Hanson and Georgia Water Tanks for renewing their sponsorship of our chapter.

Upcoming events:

October 27th online technical session through ASPE Education registration link:

October 31 Scholarship applications due to [email protected]

November 2021 Online Technical Session (Details coming)

December 2021 Online Technical Session (Details coming)

January 2021 In person meeting resume (Hopefully)

Spring 2021 ASPE Atlanta Product show and Golf Tourney (hopefully)      


Rodger Nodine

[email protected]  

Follow ASPE on Social Media:

Join the Atlanta ASPE Linked-In group @

ASPE Twitter feed

Atlanta ASPE Facebook page


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VP Membership Report

rodger nodine


I hope everyone is having a great month and being safe. Membership seen a dip last month, but gained (1) member for this month. With the Coronavirus making it difficult to have proper social interaction we are having to put all of our social gatherings on hold. Hopefully by the end of the session we will be able to have a brewery tour or other get together, but as of right now we are still in a holding pattern of limited contact and plenty of social distancing.  

Membership information is below. 

Current Chapter Membership (as of October 1, 2020): 171 Members 

# of AYP (ASPE Young Professional): 26

#of WOA (Women of ASPE): 4

Thank You and be safe,

Rodger Nodine

VP Membership

[email protected]

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Join the Atlanta ASPE Linked-In group @

ASPE Twitter feed

Atlanta ASPE Facebook page


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Affiliates' Corner

Have a new product you think the industry would love to hear about? How about an upcoming event and you want to reach more than just your normal associates? Do you see an industry trend you want to highlight or discuss? If so, look at renting this space. Shoot Rodger at [email protected] an email to get more details.

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